He is a ventriloquist. He is a musician. He is a stand-up comic. He is a writer. 

TAYLOR MASON has lots of skills, none with any application to real life. 

Nonetheless he has carved out a career in comedy and show business that has taken him around the world and into living rooms on TV, video and social media for the past 25 years. He’s won awards, he’s appeared at Carnegie Hall, he’s written two books and he even did a show for children at his local public library! 

Having graduated from The University of Illinois with a degree in agriculture (fertile training ground for any comedian!), followed by a master’s degree from The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University (in advertising – he could have written beer commercials!), TAYLOR MASON has never held a “real” job. His experience as a comedy writer and performer has taken him from The Second City Theater in Chicago to headlining gigs at every major comedy club across the USA. He’s as comfortable writing and executing humor for corporate clients like Microsoft and Wal-Mart as he is doing a show for teens or children on a Disney Cruise ship. He’s performed for countless church functions, he’s done bar mitzvahs and synagogue shows. He continues to sell out comedy clubs and is requested at college campuses. He has not done a show on a roller coaster. Yet.

It’s impossible to put TAYLOR MASON in a box. You cannot define his audience, because his act transcends demographics and niches. He is a throwback and yet he’s contemporary. He’s inclusive. He’s genuinely interested in his audience and he’s 100% committed to every performance, every project, and every single job he takes. 

There is no way to describe what he does, because combining ventriloquism, music and comedy is unique to TAYLOR MASON and quite literally needs to be seen to believed. Google “TAYLOR MASON” and you’ll find hundreds of videos with millions of views, some home-made, some taken from countless television and DVD projects, some from live performances, and some that were just recorded this past week.

Music, laughter and the shared experience of sheer joy and excitement define TAYLOR MASON.