Fabian Dray

Fabian Dray is the brains, brawn, and beauty behind Gap Tooth Productions, and hosts The Punchline, a monthly comedy show at Black Cat Tavern.  A recent winner of the “Best Producer” award at the Saskatoon Comedy Awards, Fabian shows no signs of slowing down. Winning a contest to open for Simon King lit a fire under his butt and since then he has shared the stage with Kelly Taylor as well as touring with accomplished Canadian comedian Tim Nutt and punk rock legend Savage Henry and the Infamous One-Pounders. He’s the guy you love to hate… the guy you hate to love… Fabian Dray

Preston Fontana

Preston Fontana is a brand new hatchling of a comedian; only starting out within the last two years. He’s also probably the only comedian in Saskatchewan with multiple sclerosis. His comedy is like a Pokemon adventure, except it’s not made up in his head! When he’s not slaying audiences with his unique brand of humour, he works as a night auditor.  Preston’s life credentials also include a chief grocery technician packing bags at Walmarts in both Medicine Hat and Saskatoon!  Yes, Preston is a true customer service professional, and single!  Despite a slew of academic success and a degree obtained in Management from the Univ. of Saskatchewan, he believes that his nominations for Best Newcomer and Best Open Mic at the 1st Annual YXE Comedy Awards are better indicators that Preston Fontana is going places!

Danny Knight

The multi-faceted Danny Knight is an actor, musician, comedian and correspondent for the satirical online news program The Feather. He has attended and graduated from GTNT’s Circle of Voices Program, Youth Ensemble, Red Spirit and Fire Spirit Programs. Danny held an artist residency at Persephone Theatre where he studied script work, sound design, administration, marketing and acting. His acting credits include Thunderstick (Globe Theatre), The Shortcuts Festival 2016 (Hardly Art Theatre), Dominion (GTNT), A History of Breathing (Persephone Theatre) Hawk or How He Learned To Play His Song (Onelight theatre). Danny Knight has also won various local comedy competitions and is a  producer and co-host of the Funny Bone Schmomedy Zone with Shawn Cuthand.