After eight months, e-mails, promos, forms to fill out and planning, it finally happened!  The newest addition to the CFCR programming lineup made its debut on Thursday night, right after The End Times Transmission.

The first guests were the Williamson twins, known as Dusty Adam (Dustin) and Dylan Jay (Dylan, obviously).  They covered a wide array of topics from the state of Saskatoon’s comedy scene, hecklers, having their parents book them a gig in Mexico, and saving motel guests from a potentially deadly fire in Wadena, SK.  Great chat!

Then on Saturday, Trevor Dean did his first pre-recorded show with the first Comedy Roundtable featuring three of Saskatoon’s finest comedians.  Don’t miss details on who they are, as the show will air on July 11.

The Stand-Up Sit-Down is the only show on CFCR that is outside of its Spoken Word programming block.  Their Spoken Word programming is from Monday to Friday, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.  We are fortunate and honoured to be given this rare opportunity to host such a show on Thursday nights.

A huge thank you to various people to make this a reality.  Thanks to the CFCR staff consisting of Neil, Jay, Kaley and Rebecca for being hospitable, gracious and helpful.  Thank you also goes to Mark of for putting together a great website, making it easy to navigate.  And finally, a HUGE thank you to the sponsors, members and on-air hosts, both past and present for making this day possible.  Without the groundwork laid down by all of you, none of this continues today.  I am honoured, humbled and blessed to be able to carry on the mandate of CFCR.

The first day of each month will be a recap of what went on in the world of The Stand-Up Sit-Down.  Please, feel free to browse the website, engage with us on social media, subscribe to the website to be notified of updates and get involved in the local comedy community!  Until next time…..