Well, just like that the month of July has come and gone, and so has half of the summer!  Where does the time go?

After the first episode of the show, Trevor Dean got nicely settled into a rhythm as host and had some great conversations as a result.

The first guest was Wulfgang, a local comedian who was a Vancouver transplant after growing up in Saskatoon.  He covered a number of topics from mental health, to drug abuse and offensive comedy.  From there, the first ever comedy roundtable happened with three local comics.  Unfortunately, due to a technical snafu, only the first hour of the chat was available.  We hope to have procedures in place now that will prevent that from happening again!  Then Trevor Dean told his story, and rounding out our guests in July was Derek Yee, a comedian/therapist that gave some great insight on comedy and therapy.  Fabian Dray stopped by to be part of a great chat, as both guests talked about the Williams & Ree controversy at country Thunder in Craven.

Also, last month marked the start of an interactive show!  Listeners who listen live can now contact the show through the Twitter and Facebook pages to ask questions or leave comments for the guests.  For the social media pages, you will find them under the “About The Show” tab on the website.  Find previous episodes on the “Episodes” tab of the website too.

Thanks for the support thus far, and keep on listening!  Lots of great things coming in August.