The month of February didn’t go exactly as planned, as the month came and went without an original guest on the show.

Episode #33 on February 6th saw our planned guest bail at the last minute, which I am learning sometimes will happen with a talk show.  So, that night was spent playing clips from Jerry Corley, the “Joke Doctor” talking about the science of comedy.

The following week had no guest booked, but not for a lack of trying!  An old friend of the shows, local comedian Wulfgang dropped by once again for a live in studio chat.  We didn’t learn much that we didn’t know from his previous appearances, although he still has his job at the liquor store and kept his girlfriend this long, so he has to be commended for that!

The last two shows of February were ones that highlighted comedians to soon appear on the show, and some that are not but still great headliners to listen to.  In addition to that, we celebrated Canadian music with a selection of songs from local r&b recording artist Bex.

Hopefully the month of March goes a bit smoother for recruiting guests!  Thanks for listening.