It’s obvious that the first new years resolution I should make is to get the newsletter out in a more timely fashion, like at the beginning of the new month.

The last month of 2019 saw the show attract people I constantly harassed before they relented and came on the show.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I would never harass another comedian.  It’s called asking repeatedly every day which borders on begging, but never harassment, because that’s just wrong.

The first show of December had the Gap Tooth Productions team of Fabian Dray and (host of the RCMP on CFCR) Sarah Hnatuk.  I got the chance to personally thank them for filling in for me on short notice a few weeks before, and we talked about Gap Tooth and their upcoming projects.

We followed that up with an appearance by headliner Tommy Savitt.  Tommy has won major comedy competitions in both Boston and Seattle, in addition to a residency in Las Vegas.  Tommy is moving to Los Angeles in 2020 to perfect his acting chops a bit more, and we wish him nothing but the best in the new year.

A regular guest on the show came back for an update.  Preston Fontana sat down with me to talk about how the year went and what’s on the horizon for 2020, besides his favourite meal at McDonald’s.  A week before the interview, he did a mini tour that was put together by Stu Hughes of Calgary.

The last show of 2019 was on Boxing Day.  It was the Year In Review show, where clips were put together from various guests that covered many different topics outside of the comedy realm.  It was lots of work to put together, but fun to finally put on the air.  Guest hosts Wulfgang and Joel Semchuk showed up to take part as well.

This gives me an opportunity to once again, thank the many talented staff members, volunteers, board members and other volunteer hosts at CFCR for making my show and experience an amazing one thus far.  Thanks for the (lack of) support (haha) and here is hoping that 2020 is way better.  Although, if we do another year in review show, that means there will be 52 shows to root through for clips.

Let’s keep it rolling…..