The month of August was a busy one for the show, as our host got settled in nicely and had quite the variety of guests with a variety of stories to tell!

First up was Life Coach, Scott Epp, from Sydney Australia.  He owns Abundance Coaching and talked with Trevor about how he uses humour in his business to make a difference in the lives of his clients.  His appearance was the first of our “Humour At Work” series on the show, and we hope to get more businesses on board in the future to discuss how the power of laughter makes a difference in the corporate world.

Next, we had a trio of local comedians in Fabian Dray, Shawn Bourassa and Preston Fontana.  Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we were unable to retrieve Fabian’s appearance on the show to post on the website.  However, fear not!  Fabian will be back in December on a very special episode of the show.  December 26th will be the last show of 2019 and Fabian has agreed to be a part of it.  Stay tuned for more details.  Shawn Bourassa is a nurse and gave some great insight into his world and how comedy was a natural extension for him.  Then there’s Preston Fontana, everybody’s favourite comic of late, talking about his MS diagnosis, comedy, and his video game collection.

The month of August concluded with an appearance from Keith Tyler, from Los Angeles.  His story is one that you have to listen to.  His story is as remarkable as his biography.  He is a male survivor of sexual abuse and urges other men in his shoes to come forward and seek help.  Don’t suffer in silence!

Thanks for your support!