The month of April found the show on its way through the online world with the radio station being closed to anyone who isn’t staff.  So, all the shows were done online with the exception of one very special phone call near the end of the month.

First up, we brought back a friend of the show in Taylor Mason.  He talked about the pandemic and had some great advice for comics.  The second show of the month was with the other instructor of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic that isn’t Jerry Corley.  It’s Joe Dungan, the Richard Jeni lookalike.  We had a great chat with Joe about Los Angeles, his comedy philosophy and background.  Great chat.

Then on short notice with no guests available, I did a show by myself, then followed that up the next week with a show among the local comedians of Saskatoon.  I can’t remember what it was about, but I’m sure it was golden.  (the only reason I can’t remember is because this didn’t get posted until May 21.  I had this post stuck in draft mode and I never realized this).

The last show of April was one that in my head always knew would happen, yet the reality of it took me by surprise.  The one and only Tammy Pescatelli called for a brief chat about her family, the pandemic and what comedy might look like going forward for her and the rest of us.